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    Before you call a real estate agent call us instead!

    Next to listing a property on the internet, making the property look attractive to buyers is the most important thing you must do.
    With 80% of home buyers shopping for a home online, the way your listings look is an important factor, if not the most important, in generating buyer interest.
    It's no secret, better-presented homes get more traffic and more buyer interest, therefore selling faster.

    More than ever, your listings must stand out from the crowd.

    Whether a listing is a million-dollar home or a fixer-upper, a professional photographer will bring out its best.
    Proper lighting techniques, good composition, and some tricks of the trade, ensure your listing looks its absolute best. While staying true to its actual condition and features.
    Marketing a home can be an expensive undertaking, but allocating a budget for professional photography ensures your marketing dollars are getting you the return on investment you need, and your listings are getting the traffic they deserve.
    Professional photography isn't a luxury anymore. It's an absolute necessity in marketing real estate properly.

    "Good photos will grab people's attention and help you sell a home."

    "Bad pictures will absolutely give you trouble, because you won't have any calls on it, and nobody will come to see it."

    80% of people across the country who bought home last year used the internet while house hunting, and they rated the photographs as the most useful tool in their search.
    Homes are usually the most expensive asset any of us will ever attempt to sell. Why then, are so many homeowners and agents are reluctant to allocate money on having their home professionally photographed? Whether they are displayed in a real estate window, a newspaper or magazine advertisement, or a listing on the internet.
    The photos capture the eye, generate interest, lead to a viewing, and ultimately a sale. Less-than-flattering pictures may turn buyers off and lead to lonely open houses.
    It's not a secret, better-presented homes get more traffic and more buyer interest, therefore selling faster.
    No matter what type of home, a professional photographer will show it off to its full potential. Professionals have the proper equipment, ensure good lighting and composition, and guarantee your listing looks its absolute best.

    In Real estate, a picture can be worth more than a thousand words. Much, much more.

    Echidna Foto & Design provide a photography service for homeowners and businesses.
    The majority of sellers choose several agents to market their property and sometimes also try to sell privately. Most people don't want half a dozen estate agents photographing their home and are also concerned about security.
    Therefore, you should consider hiring a real estate photographer. We offer a photo shoot so you only need to have your property professionally photographed once and have the images and details distributed to your chosen agents.

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