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    Service, It's What Sets Us Apart.

    Besides providing fantastic looking product photos, personalized customer service is our top priority.
    When you choose to work with Echidna Foto & Design you won't be handled like a number or like a client on an assembly line!
    We take the time to discuss your project in-depth with you and address any unique issues or ideas you have regarding your project.

    We can help you to create best looking and attractive photos of your products ready to be used in catalogues, web, ads or any other application.
    We can shoot from extremely macro close ups (up to x5 life size magnification, enough to get needle's tip printed on 40x60 inches poster) to up to track-size objects, done out of the studio.
    Clear, seamless background or gradient colour of any shape to match with your product, high-speed photography to freeze waves of liquid or water drops, light brush technique - there will be no limitation for your technically challenged ideas!

    It is no secret that great product photography will increase your products sales.
    Whether you manufacture products or sell/promote your products on the web, magazine or catalogue you must know the importance of great product photography -it is essential to your product sales revenue and professional look.
    Echidna Foto & Design will make sure that each one of your products will look its best, we give each product we shoot the attention it deserves and we will take as much time needed to produce a perfect image of your products resulting in crisp images that will represent your products in its highest form.

    Remember, consumers rely on great images for their buying decisions. High quality product photography will make your products stand out and sell much quicker.

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