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One of the first historic photographs on record is a time-exposed French street scene created in 1839.
In the years that followed, imaging art and techniques quickly improved.Professional portraits became more popular via daguerreotypes and tin-types. Poses required exposures of up to a minute.
Glass plates were faster, but the processing required was clumsy.

In 1889, George Eastman introduced roll film, 100 exposures in a box camera that was sent to the factory for processing and reloading.

The public began taking thousands of snapshots. Professionals graduated to sheet film and roll film. By the mid-20th century, portrait studios had sprung up everywhere to offer visual memories of children, families, and friends.

Today's digital capture has made photography even more versatile.

Like lasagna, not all portraits are created equally.
We,professionals, inspire expressions and moods, modulate lighting, and adjust composition.

We can create magic in portraits that will last for generations.

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