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  • Photography is an art. Photography allows us to express our feelings and emotions.
    With photography you either like the photo you are looking at or you don't. What seems good to you, not necessarily will be good for your brother, girlfriend or an art critic, or your best friend. So in the area of art or photography or any other form of art you should never be influenced by the opinion of other people, because art is subjective.

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    Weddings are a time of celebration, a joining of not only two people, but also two families and their friends. Weddings are emotional and festive occasions that lend themselves naturally to photography.

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    A professional photographer can create magic in portraits that will last for generations.

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    Children Portraits

    Children are people.
    They are people without pretense or arrogance. They will always say what they mean and ask the most embarrassing questions at the most inappropriate times. They will make you laugh and touch your heart. Their tears will break your heart.


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    Product Photography

    We can help you to create best looking and attractive photos of your products ready to be used in catalogs, web, ads or any other application.

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    Real Estate Photography

    Next to listing a property on the internet, making the property look attractive to buyers is the most important thing you must do.

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    Echidna Foto & Design can scan your negatives and slides at high resolution (up to 6400 dpi) and save them on CD or DVD in several formats and sizes. We can eliminate scratches and speckles and Photoshop touch-up , and restore the colour to faded images.

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    If you have a photograph that you would like to see fixed, why not bring it down to us and allow Wanda to perform her "magic" on it.

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