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  • hubble telescope
  • Hubble Space Telescope

  • also called Space Telescope is the most sophisticated optical observatory ever placed into orbit around the Earth.
    The Earth's atmosphere obscures ground-based astronomers' view of celestial objects by absorbing or distorting light rays from them. A telescope stationed in outer space is entirely above the atmosphere, however, and receives images of much greater brightness, clarity, and detail than do ground-based telescopes with comparable optics.

    After the U.S. Congress had authorized its construction in 1977, the Hubble Space Telescope was built under the supervision of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States and was named after Edwin Hubble, the foremost American astronomer of the 20th century.
    The HST was placed into orbit about 600 km (370 miles) above the Earth by the crew of the space shuttle Discovery on April 25, 1990.

    The HST is a large reflecting telescope whose mirror optics gather light from celestial objects and direct it into two cameras and two spectrographs. The HST has a 2.4-metre (94-inch) primary mirror, a smaller secondary mirror, and various recording instruments that can detect visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light. The most important of these instruments, the wide-field planetary camera, can take either wide-field or high-resolution images of the planets and of galactic and extragalactic objects.

    This camera is designed to achieve image resolutions 10 times greater than that of even the largest Earth-based telescope. A faint-object camera can detect an object 50 times fainter than anything observable by any ground-based telescope; and a faint-object spectrograph gathers data on the object's chemical composition. A high-resolution spectrograph receives distant objects' ultraviolet light that cannot reach the Earth because of atmospheric absorption.

  • Lets take a look back in time...
    We all dream of travelling in time, many movies were made and books written on the subject.
    It was all science fiction. But now it is a reality.
    Thanks to hubble telescop we can travel back in time to see how the universe was created.
    And it is a magical experience. You too can experience this dream world in your own home
    with Echidna's Foto & Design beautifull pictures printed on the best photo paper or canvas....

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a gravitationally lensed quasar - 0101
print size 20" x 16"

swan nebula

a perfect storm of turbulent gases in the omega swan nebula - 0102
print size 20" x 16"

spiral galaxy

barred spiral galaxy- 0103
print size 20" x 16"

star forming

bok globules in star forming region - 0104
print size 20" x 16"

buterfly nebula

butterfly nebula - 0105
print size 20" x 16"

carina nebula

carina nebula pillar -0106
print size 20" x 16"

carina nebula ps 35

carina nebula -0107
print size 20" x 16" (37" x 18")

flash fro star cropped

flash from star - 0108
print size 20" x 16"

twisters in a nebula

giant twisters in the lagoon nebula - 0109
print size 20" x 16"

star clusters in omega centauri

globular star cluster omega centauri - 0110
print size 20" x 16"


nebula -0111
print size 18" x 10"

cosmos storm

cosmos storm - 0112
print size 20" x 20"

galaxies -0113
print size 41" x 16"

galaxies storm - 0115
print size 32" x 16"

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