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  • Echidna Art Deco for Children

    To be child-like is to feed upon discovery, curiosity, and an insatiable desire for knowledge.
    There is nothing trivial about art just as there is nothing trivial about learning.
    Art is more than just a hobby, it is the ultimate vehicle to universality.

    Albert Einstein said that imagination was more important than knowledge because it comes from a less fallible place. Just as rote subjects such as math are relevant to life, so is art. Art helps develop fine motor skills and gives children problem-solving skills.
    Art teach children critical thinking and offer them another view of history and social studies.
    Children find great comfort in art and discover who they are through their own art.
    Art can motivate children and empower them to learn other subjects.
    Art is an integral part of culture; in fact it is the basis.

    Even as far back as Aristotle and Plato, the importance of art to a culture was recognized. Art teaches us about the past and about the future, about ourselves and about others. It helps us to progress out of ignorance and into hope for tomorrow.

    Artist and art critic Bruce Holly once said, "As artists, we are forever standing in the midst of roaring crossroads where past and future meet, and the known and unknown intersect. Sometimes we direct traffic. Sometimes we simply witness the parade as it passes by."

    Our children need us to direct traffic so that they will be prepared for their children's journey. We should never let them cross the street by themselves without first teaching them how to walk and dance, draw and paint, speak and sing.

    Echidna Foto & Design have artwork for children and we also have prints for children to colourize both on paper and canvas.
    Paper prints are most suitable for colourizing with colour pencils and canvases are excelent for paints: watercolour and acrylic or oil based paints.

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